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Sade Group is a partnership of investors with complementary backgrounds who have had past experiences in a myriad of agricultural activities. In 2012, its investors decided to move into a corporate structure and re-branded the organisation with the name "Sade" meaning “Pure” in the majority of eastern languages.

Our partnership is shaped by knowledge and expertise in areas of:

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Additionally the group proactively and continually benefits from a range of experienced technical teams, industry leading advisors and academicians. As a result of following careful, in-depth reserch of global trends & demands with our partners, this initiative has become a pioneers in modern agricultural investments in the midlands region of Turkey that focuses on a selected variety of products.

The main mission of the group is to provide world-class professional services and products within global standards. Sade also aims to:

Sade Mission

Our ambition is to become an industry leader of Turkey and a major player in Europe as an agricultural products supplier, thought leader and investment advisor, with a strong global network of partners.

Our Ambition